Safety Cushion SMZ 25

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    Safety Air Cushion is used in emergency situations for rescue of people from high buildings and similar structures.Its easy installment and being practical provide advantage for human life at critical times when seconds are highly important.

    Jumping Cushion is produced from material that is waterproof, flameproof, anti-acidic and highly durable against wearing and tearing. It is perfectly reliable and durable.Jumping Bed with safety purpose can be inflated in seconds with air containing private tubes without requiring electrics and pump.It can be easily used during practices and fire extinguishing.

    It is easy to install or gather ir and to change its place and deliver on a disaster area.It is produced as having reflectors to be recognized from height in night and dark environments and to contribute for target focusing view of the person that will jump.Discover our products that are designed at global standards with the technology and expertise of Sonmez Tent.

    Technicial Specifications

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